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[Update at 2008.11.6] This is not the latest. If you want to get the latest one, please visit .


文章太长,点击进入浏览(click to see the whole post)。中文在下面。这是一个表情插件。

About It

Custom Smilies (previously named Custom Smileys) is a plugin for WordPress 2.0+. This plugin gives you a chance to personalize your posts and comments using smilies of your choice instead of default ones.

Custom Smilies (older than version  2.0) is written by QAD. Thanks for his great contribution.

The lastest version is 2.0. I have upgrade it to let it been compatible with WordPress 2.5 or greater. That’s all I do, but I will perfect it in the future. So the most is written by QAD. Thanks him again.

You can see the English Readme and more here ( new window) .


You can get the latest version of Custom Smilies here. Get it
How to install

  1. Download and extract; then, upload init.php and custom-smilies.php to the /wp-content/plugins/custom-smilies directory. Upload smilies folder to the /wp-includes/images directory..
  2. Activate Custom Smilies in your Admin Panel
  3. Put your smilies in smilies folder (wp-includes/images/smilies/)
  4. Change the emoticons by navigating to Manage > Smilies and complete the form
  5. If you want to add clickable smilies to your comment form, append these lines to your current theme’s comments.php file, just before the form begins:<?php if ( function_exists(cs_print_smilies) ) {cs_print_smilies();} ?>

For ‘Paged Comments’ plugin’s users: Please place that code in wp-content/plugins/paged-comments/themes/your-theme-name/comments-paged.php to enable those clickable smilies.Please note that you can customize this list by going to Options > Smilies.Wanna play with the smilies yourself? A function called cs_all_smilies() has been added, which return all the smilies you’ve got in this format: Array (’Smilie’ => ‘Path to smilie’)

How to upgrade

For Custom Smilies 1.0 and 1.1 users, simply replace the file custom-smilies.php in your plugins folder with the newer one. Do NOT overwrite init.php, as it contains your smilies’ definitions.

For those who are still using Custom Smileys version 2.4 (which was released more than 1 year ago!), you can upgrade it to the lastest version by following this procedure:

  1. Backup your database! (better safe than sorry – i’m not responsible for any data loss caused by this plugin)
  2. Move all of your smilies to your smilies folder (wp-includes/images/smilies/)
  3. Deactivate Custom Smileys 2.4 without uninstalling it
  4. Download, extract, then upload Custom Smilies 1.0 to your blog
  5. Activate Custom Smilies 1.0 in your Admin Panel
  6. Delete custom-smileys.php if you wish


Custom Smilies 是一个 WordPress 插件。它可以让你自由地在你的文章和评论中使用表情来代替默认的表情。

Custom Smilies 最新的版本是 2.0。我修改了以前的版本,使它可以工作在 WordPress 2.5 下。


Custom Smilies 2.0 是我(Crazy Loong)更新的。2.0以前的版本是由 QAD 编写的。

安装 Custom Smilies 后,你可以把自己需要的表情添加到 WordPress 的表情文件夹里(wp-includes/images/smilies/),然后在 Manage > Smilies 里添加表情对应的字符。非常简单哦。

设置好以后,这些表情就可以在任何文章、页面和评论里使用了。例如,当你输入 :D, :), :|(你可以自己定义这些符号)时,就会在文章出现对应的表情。或者,通过在点击相应的图标来插入到文章中。




176 thoughts on “Custom Smilies 2.0”

  1. i tried updating in the “manage smiles” but the settings did not stay.

    Any advice?

  2. 为什么 我装了之后,表情是竖排的不是横排的?

  3. 你好,我在文章中点击加入表情的时候,在浏览时表情周围会有个方框,请问应该如何消除呢?

  4. Display these smilies above the comment form by default:


  5. Well, this sounds like a wonderful plugin that does just what I want. The only problem is that I can’t update in “manage smilies.” init.php is writeable so that can’t be the problem.

  6. Hi and thank you very much for upgrading custom smilies to make it work for newer WP versions! Do you think it is possible to somehow move the smilies folder into wp-content? Because when upgrading WP you normally delete wp-includes, so you have to remember to copy your smilies back there. If they were in wp-content you wouldn’t have to worry about that.

  7. Crazy Loong,

    I changed the init.php permissions to 777 and it still won’t let me update in “manage smilies.”

  8. To: Laura
    I don’t konw the reason in detail. You can check your error log, and provide me the infomation, so I could kown what happened.

  9. it does not work

    it was working before but suddenly it stopped

    i tried to remove it and re upload it and it`s the same

    it`s unclickable in the comments but in a new post page i can use it well

    i don`t know what`s wrong `coz i try it in another blogs and it`s working well

  10. i`m using WP 2.6 and before 2.5 and an older version before

    i tried alot of smilies codes and no one is working

  11. Is it possible to gibe one “smilie-picture” more tags/text? For example the smiling smilie “: )” can should also be detect, when it is : – ), or 🙂

    … I hope you understand what I mean ^^

  12. I can’t get the smilies to work properly. They all show up just above the comment form, but they’re not clickable. I tried changing the id=”comment” to id=”respond” in both the comments.php and the for25.php files you mentioned in the comments. Nothing.

  13. I can’t seem to be able to find that init.php file inside the plugin directory 🙁 All I see is custom-smilies.php, forold.php and for25.php, plus the readme and the 3 screenshots 🙁 Do I have to create this init.php file by myself?

  14. To: 小虎

  15. 我的WP是2.6
    在FIREFOX下回复 :dsadas: 表情无效,是什么原因呢 :dsadas:

  16. 出现问题了:

    .wp-smiley {margin:0;background:none;padding:0;border:0 none;}


  17. 试了img.wp-smiley也不行。

  18. Is there a way to get the smilies to show up right near the text box on the write page in the admin section? Right now mine is all the way at the bottom which kind of defeats the purpose.

  19. To: Robin
    Now I think about the possibility that adding the button to TinyMCE. If I finish it , it will be nice.

  20. To: 傻逼秀

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