117 thoughts on “表情插件 Custom Smilies 2.7”

  1. 有个问题,在日志编辑器里,我点击选择表情,却不能触发编辑器,并提示“是否离开此页面,确定。。。”之类的提示,也就是没有保存便退出编辑的提示,而表情也没能在编辑器里显示。这个问题怎么解决?

  2. I have a special question about your plugin that might it become more popular. Can you please email so we can talk about it?

    Brian ^O^

  3. Is it possible to show only the selected smilies above the comment text box? Because right now if I activate the plugin I get a huge list of smilies, while I want only the ones selected – and the rest under the ‘more’ button, like happens underneath the text. This means I have to deactivate the plugin unless there is a solution for this?

  4. 博主大人,为什么我只能把表情显示在评论可用表情上面,但是点不动表情,它都不叼我。求解!

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